What is QlikView

QlikView is a business intelligence platform focussed at meeting the changing needs of business users who require self-sufficiency in data interrogation.

QlikView delivers better visibility of your business. It enables self-service data analysis where users can get insight into questions they have never been able to answer. QlikView supports new levels of business insight by consolidating and linking data from multiple sources and exposing business users to wider and more relevant data sets. It allows them to break free from the pre-defined canned approach to reporting and data analysis. This can spark innovation or identify areas of inefficiency that have not been known before.

Gartner call the tools like QlikView "data discovery tools". QlikView has been a leader in Gartner's Data Discovery Magic Quadrant since 2011.

QlikView capabilities:


Natural analytics

What sets QlikView apart from many other BI tools is the user experience. QlikView provides a business discovery platform that support business decision making process by supporting users natural way of thinking.

QlikView unlocks the value of organisational data sources for business users without disrupting the performance of line of business applications.  Data is presented to business users via user friendly and intuitive platform that allows business users to ask their own questions and formulate their own insights in a simple and straightforward way.   Users can make discoveries in QlikView by easily seeing what information is related and what is not related. They can conduct direct and indirect searches across data from anywhere in the application. Data in QlikView is connected and responds to every single click a user makes. There are no pre-defined analysis paths to constrain users when doing analysis. QlikView allows you to simply follow the natural human way of thinking while analysing your data.


Social collaboration

Social collaboration

We do not make decisions in isolation. QlikView provides platform that allows business users to share their discoveries with colleges and/or external stakeholder live by sharing their QlikView application with them live.

Business users can take into consideration observations, opinions, ideas, experiences and perspectives of others and make annotations and snapshots against the QlikView reports live. These conversations and collaborations can be reviewed at any time and provide transparent platform to drive better decision making.




QlikView on mobile is provided free with QlikView server and supports Apple iOS and Android devices. QlikView applications look the same and provide the same capabilities across desktop, laptop and mobile platforms. Business users on the go can have access to information, collaborate and make decisions anytime anywhere. 


Social collaboration

Comparative analysis

QlikView platform makes it easy for business users to see two or more data sets in the same application - alongside each other in the same graph, in graphs next to each other, or even as reference points for calculations and comparisons. Business users can define the selection they want to compare without assistance from technical resources.

This type of analysis is hard or impossible to do with most BI tools. QlikView comparative analysis addresses the limitations of the user-driven options available today and truly enables user to compare two or more selection sets.


Enterprise platform with business focus

Enterprise platform with business focus

With QlikView business users can visualise their data in their own way without needing any assistance from developers and technical personnel.  At the same time it frees technical resources from the responsibility of creating supporting queries and reports and allows them to focus on data security, integrity and scalability.

QlikView provides IT with a powerful, flexible, and centralized management console and governance dashboard for measuring, monitoring, and deploying QlikView applications and data.

A QlikView deployment can scale from a single desktop user to tens of thousands (or more) users if required providing great flexibility. Organisations can start with smaller deployment and develop their capabilities over time.  As the needs increase to deploy a system to larger numbers of users, containing larger volumes of data and larger numbers of applications, often in different geographies, scalability becomes increasingly important. QlikView offers different scalability options:

  • Scaling up by increasing memory amount and speed, memory bus speed and CPU cores/ CPU frequency.
  • Scaling out by adding additional server, clustering and load balancing

Remember the saying "You don't know what you don't know"?  Until you take a dive into your own organisation's data with QlikView it will be hard to grasp the full power of what it can do for you.

If you would like to discuss how QlikView can help your make your decision making transparent, collaborative and effective contact us.