Which software is right for you?

If you've already decided - or will soon decide - to take the plunge into Business Intelligence, what type of BI system should you choose? Fortunately there is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a BI solution. The market is heavily crowded with well over a hundred vendors competing for your business. The downside to this, however, is that things can easily become confusing. While there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' solution, your ideal system will be one that is especially well-suited to your industry, to the size of your organisation, to your existing IT infrastructure and to the specific tasks you'd like your system to perform. 

In terms of the general direction you should take, it is of course always a good idea to check out the market-leading products. QlikView, Tableau, Yellowfin, Tibco, SAP Business Objects and Board BI are amongst many with a strong reputation and a solid customer base.

QlikView in particular is a BI platform that is suitable for a wide range of organisations, industries and budgets. This BI system  operates as a powerful business discovery tool, allowing users to find the right information easily and quickly and transform that data into valuable knowledge. 

What sets QlikView apart from its competitors is the intuitive user experience. This highly agile and flexible BI tool allows users to search for information in their preferred way and from any device (for example iPhone, Android and iPad). People perform best when they're working with something that's already familiar and that's where QlikView comes into its own.

The QlikView interface is based around familiar consumer applications (such as a search engine) thereby delivering genuine simplicity and ease-of-use. After typing any word or phrase into the QlikView search box results show up instantly. Relationships between your data are identified and presented to you in a format that allows for powerful, in-depth analysis.

To date more than 31,000 organisations worldwide have experienced the data discovery benefits of QlikView. If you're a prospective BI purchaser you would be wise to have QlikView on your shortlist of solution options.