Your QlikView coach

North, South, East & West

North, South, East & West:

Right across Australia our customers have improved their performance, reduced costs, and gained clearer operational insight by using Business Intelligence solutions implemented & supported by Professional Advantage, powered by QlikView for Data Discovery.


The A-Team

The A-Team:

We have a dedicated, experienced and passionate team of business-savvy senior consultants who are all rightly proud of their roles in helping our customers achieve positive outcomes; from the boardroom to the production line to the retail shop floor.


Seek and you will find

Seek and you will find:

Regardless of staff role or function, or size of organisation, QlikView will connect your business users with data consolidated from multiple systems via any device, at any time. Those users can see what's happening and answer all the 'what, why, when, where, how & who' type questions to get ahead. Better yet, QlikView also supports those who want to collaborate and share insights as part of a team to make informed, intelligent decisions.

Happiness is a satisfied client

Happiness is a satisfied client:

We want really happy customers. We understand that client satisfaction when adopting new technology or software to improve your business is much more than just selecting eye-catching product. So we focus on all parts of the journey as well as the result. Right from the start, we care about important aspects like user adoption, data quality, and knowledge transfer as part of our role as implementation partner; making our involvement simple, engaging and even fun.

Test drives = high fives

Test drives = high fives:

Read our customer testimonials and case studies. Want more reassurance? We would love the chance to connect you with people and organisations that have embarked on or already completed the journey you're planning.  Ask them all kinds of questions about QlikView, but don't forget to take the opportunity to ask them what PA are like to work with. If you're keen and ready to dip a toe in, ask us about our proof of concept 'Seeing is Believing' and try PA + QlikView for yourselves.