About our Team

Our team is truly special. Our consultants have to be in order to efficiently and effectively understand the issues or needs of a client. Right from the start they are usually interacting with several different functional roles in an organisation and doing this across varying industries throughout any given year. From a 3-month engagement with the COO of an international distribution company to a 6-week niche deliverable for the Sales Director of a national retail chain to a 6-month agile (sprint) project delivery for the CFO of a global travel agency.

They can architect quite complex solutions to overcome the challenges they could be faced with as part of requirements analysis and solution design. More often than not they are heavily involved in stakeholder management and communication throughout the engagement lifecycle; balancing early visions and desires against practical realities and delivering outcomes against an acceptable roadmap - all with a smile on their face. So yes, we think they are special.

As we're not sure who your consultant(s) might be we've come up with a "virtual bio" to showcase some of typical core attributes you should expect:


At least 7 years' worth delivering business intelligence and/or complex application solutions 


  • QlikView Designer, Developer and Trainer certifications
  • Microsoft certifications - various e.g. Business Value Planning Services, SQL Server technical certifications etc.
  • Other certifications dependent on resource such as Project Management, Chartered Accountant (CA), Business Process Management etc.
Core skills:
  • Business Analysis - bringing clarity to business user requirements and constructing a roadmap for execution.
  • Solution Architecture - understanding and connecting functional and non-functional requirements with technology and delivering an appropriate solution design to the business.
  • Development - possessing the necessary technical and UI design skills to create QlikView applications which deliver a unique user experience, allowing those users to analyse their data easily and efficiently to make better business decisions.
  • Strong communication - our consultants are used to working onsite and therefore communicating with people at all levels of an organisation, from senior management teams through to frontline operations and technical staff.
Business Intelligence / QlikView-specific skillset:
  • Data Warehouse and ETL design and data reconciliation
  • QlikView server installation, general support and maintenance
  • QlikView data architecture and data models development, testing, implementation support and documentation 
  • QlikView dashboard design & development
  • QlikView mobile application design & development
  • QlikView security modelling design and implementation
  • QlikView training planning and delivery
  • QlikView release management governance and data reload schedule design